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Non-traditional Christmas Lunch

8 Jan

On Christmas Day, I hijacked mum’s kitchen for the day. Lebanese food was off the menu because I wanted my parent’s to try something different. However, I included a lamb shoulder with roasted lemon thyme potatoes as backup (lucky I did). Beef isn’t very common in Lebanese cuisine and Lamb is a sure way to a “lebo’s” heart. Besides, my dad is a fussy eater and I wasn’t going to take any chances.

Roasted bell peppers, refried beans, guacamole and salsa were also on hand to stuff the warm flour tortillas and go with the juicy slow-roasted meats. By slow-roasted, I mean that I roasted the lamb shoulder for six hours in the oven at 120C (250F). I smoked the beef ribs on the gas barbecue, lid down also for six hours and mopped them over the last hour to develop a sweet crust. The meats were literally falling off the bone. I also roasted Portobello mushrooms after mum had stuffed them with parsley, garlic and breadcrumbs (I failed to keep her out of the kitchen completely).

Feedback was positive with the exception that dad thought that the ribs tasted “too fatty” and “smoky”. But hang on a second, isn’t that how they’re supposed to taste??? His tortillas ended up being stuffed with lamb, guacamole and salsa (I rolled one of these too and was surprisingly pleased with the combo).

What did you have for Christmas lunch or dinner or both?

refried beanschristmas lunch

roasted lamb shoulderroasted bell peppers

tomato salsasmoked beef ribs

lemon thyme potatoesguacamole

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